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What is The Other Half?

If you follow Pathfinder around, you will eventually see that we have some "sacred words." Among those primary to us are the words: The Other Half. This is part of our mantra:

For us, this is a constant reminder of why we are here. There are many, many programs out there in every industry that focus on getting more, and a few that focus on doing more. There are not so many that work towards excellence and mastery for the sake of excellence and mastery. We find there is a hunger for a path to these places and some willing to make the journey. This blog is a hint at what awaits in The Other Half...

In any competitive industry (can't think of any that aren't...), the vast majority of training, education, and coaching is designed to get you on to the field of battle. Success is traditionally delivered through breadth, not depth. You are likely trained to do more of the same thing - having more by doing more of the basics that typically yield acceptable results. Pursuing excellence is supported, so long as it does not challenge the industry, your company, or your boss. Going after mastery can be frowned upon because it creates independence, challengers, and disruptors - heretics. Thus, most of the invited 3rd-party guidance tends to place us right in the middle of the herd.

A Heretic is a man who sees the world through his own eyes. ~ Gotthold Lessing

Still, there are others who burn to be something more than independent. For them, showing up has never been the question. It's what comes next that matters. They begin where others end. They don't just want to win by having more, they want to win by being better. They memorize the battlefield, know their competition better than they know themselves, and master their tools. They train relentlessly, learn to improvise, fail and recover. They never quit. Have you seen this philosophy in traditional training? This is The Other Half.

If this resonates with you, here are some things you might consider:

  • Learn to begin with a brutal self assessment. There is no path to mastery without this as the first step.

  • Examine your industry for areas of strength and weakness. Where must you excel to transcend industry standards (and where can you attack that is left unprotected)

  • Know your competition. Build a dossier on them. Watch them. Befriend them. Respect them but exceed them.

  • Craft a step-by-step plan to become dominant by first quantifying what path will take you to mastery then break it down into bite-sized, achievable pieces that can be worked on every day.

  • Train your perspective (yes, it's a skill too) to leave the gazelle behind - become the lion.

  • Before you move to the other side, make absolutely sure your logic, motivation, morals, and ethics are in line - that you will be a force for good. Know you will be tried, you will be tested, you may suffer.

  • Know that when you step across the line to The Other Half you will be leaving people behind. Sometimes it can be really painful when you move to excellence and people you love will not make the journey, nor allow you to move onward in peace.

There is no new life without labor, and the labor of birthing new life is always painful.

~ Jim Rohn

Know that what lies beyond the line is worth it. Know that you will still be you, without limitation, and you will have more of what you want. You will be in the company of others who are aligned with you. Imagine what you could see with your new eyes... What are you willing to do to join The Other Half? Your new tribe is waiting.

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