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Sorry, but your UVP ain't U... (Part Two)

Last time we debunked the theory that we should be working to promote our UVP or Unique Value Proposition, and we did this by saying that there ain't no such thing (though I think one might have lived in my closet when I was seven...). Simply put, we DO have a value proposition - it's just rarely that unique in the 'ol real estate biz. You see, we are in an industry that thrives on average, and very few programs, trainers, or companies really offer much to help you stand out. We also really have no idea what most if not all of our competitors are truly up to, so it's kinda hard to call ourselves special and keep a straight face.

OK, that's it for the bad news. I promised some ideas on how to actually differentiate ourselves so here they are: (Way #1 to differentiate - do what you promise. Don't even get my partner Rico started on this one...!)

#2 - Stop using canned, off-the-shelf content. News flash - maintaining your number of touches is WAY less important than sending out AUTHENTIC content. Notice how the people who push you the hardest to "keep yourself top of mind" are usually the ones peddling automated social media? Instead, do what you can, but make it really you.

#3 - Stay out of tricky subjects on social medial. This includes but is not limited to: sex, drugs & alcohol, politics, did we say politics?, anything mean spirited, religion, lifestyle choices, your Lamborghini, and of course, cats. (OK, you can do a few cat posts from time to time, but I will be among those who ridicules you). Anything edgy can lump you into a big group and will strip away your uniqueness (and alienate a bunch of nice people).

#4 - Get good at something. The country is chock full of darned good Realtors, up to here in fact, but in dreadfully short supply of worthy, trusted advisors who relentlessly work on their craft (and I don't mean prospecting). Specialists are unique, period. Pick something and go for mastery.

#5 - Get great at the basics. Our basics are simple: MLS, price right, communication, keep your promises. 'Nuf said.

#6 - Study your competition. Seriously, real estate is the only industry that has high competition and almost no skill set for evaluating the competition. It's so important, we teach our clients how to create a CIA-formatted dossier on their key opponents in the business during the first 2 months of training. If you think that the "best" agents are really the best - try this exercise from our master-level coaching.

Yes there is a lot more, but this is a great start towards a VP that is truly U.

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