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With world-class experience and expertise, Pathfinder Instructors are master practitioners who have honed their craft in the most challenging environments imaginable.  The opportunity to interact and be mentored directly by our team is a rare opportunity, and we invite you to review our credentials in depth.



Graig Griffin, SIOR

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Graig is one of North America's most experienced real estate agents, with over $3 billion in personal transaction volume, including averaging over $100 million a year for 20 consecutive years.  Graig has deep expertise in residential, commercial, investment, and development real estate and has been an active coach, educator, and instructor for over 25 years.  He has owned or operated several companies, is a principal broker, and has been on national faculty for some of America's largest firms. Assisting hundreds of major companies with decisions, Graig has gained unsurpassed experience and relentless pursuit of knowledge that bring a powerful perspective to his clients.

Real Estate Industries, Business, Operations, Teams, Fitness, Youth Programs, CE Instructor (UT, NV)


Rich Shuman, President
Managing Partner

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Rich exemplifies real estate expertise.  With more than $600 million in career transactions across a wide variety of product types, he understands what it takes to get the deal done in a competitive environment.  Following his father (a highly successful commercial broker) into the business, Rich explored commercial and then managed residential training, operations, and recruiting under the legendary Mark Stark (Prudential/Berkshire Hathaway).  He honed his skills within a Prudential franchise that served over 2,000 agents in the booming Las Vegas market.   Rich is a highly experienced broker and property manager and has coached agents, teams, and brokers across the U.S. In charge of expanding Pathfinder's U.S. and international real estate operations, Rich brings a steady, lively, and insightful hand.

Real Estate Coaching & Recruiting.  Specialties: Residential, Commercial, Operations, Teams
CE Instructor (NV)


Georgia Purpura, Partner

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Instructor & Coach - Real Estate   Specialties: Residential, Team Building, Brokerage, Marketing, CE Instructor (NV)

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Garet Griffin

Garet is Pathfinder's technology specialist, with deep expertise in databases, project management, architecture, systems integration, marketing and sales.  His 25+ years in the industry include a wide array of traditional tech positions as well as highly specialized stints as Director of Database Marketing for an international casino/resort company (MGM), a pioneer in opt-in mobile marketing, and as an application manager for a highly-classified marine technology firm.  His perspective on determining and implementing solutions is key to Pathfinder's ability to assist growing teams in leveraging technology.

Director - Technology, Operations, Databases, Marketing

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