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Pathfinder specializes in a unique type of coaching and mentoring.  When we decided to build this company, we agreed that we would only offer services that helped our clients build strong foundations, effective teams, and focus on absolute mastery of craft.  We wanted to teach the tough stuff that just can't be taught wholesale, reduced to a "5 Steps to a Better..." or neatly packaged for resale.  We want to work with other productivity and accountability coaches to take our clients to a whole new level (the top).  We offer pathways to find your source of integrity, fierceness, honesty, grace, playfulness, and joy in life and in business.  We teach competitive perspective and skill that begins where lead generation leaves off...

In practice, our programs are a balance between coaching and mentoring.  Bringing together the wisdom and experience of some of America's most productive real estate agents and experts from other industries (tech, law, professional athletics, etc.) means that you are working with practitioners - people who have actually mastered what they are sharing.  It means we can offer much more than what to do; we offer how and why.  Our programs are tough and demanding, but can work for anyone. The expectations are high and yes, there is homework.  But the rewards are mighty and we never ask you to do anything we have not done ourselves.


Pathfinder Coaching is our business coaching program, crafted and tuned to the individual based on needs and desires for improvement in the real estate arena.  Your coach will use elements from the advanced programs below, as well as accountability, structure, and client-specific

Pathfinder Core Training (PCT) is a 36-session, advanced, structured program that creates the foundation for becoming the best of the best in business.  PCT consists of an initiation, 10 specific-skill modules, then a review and certification exam.  See the curriculum HERE.


The cost is $1,500 per month for three 1-hour sessions and bonus training (1 year program). For those who seek an accelerated timeline,  a 4 session per month option is available for $2,000 per month (9 month program).  Ask about our scholarship and partnership discounts.

Pathfinder Mastery Program (PCM) is our flagship program for agents with substantial completion of PCT.  Our Mastery option goes deep into specific competitive studies, High-Value Targets (HVT), niches, and specialties.  Every PCM program is custom to the individual or team and their market.  Contact Pathfinder to explore options and costs.

Pathfinder Teams Training (PTT) offers small companies and teams elements of PCT and PCM in a dynamic format that combines well with existing traditional training and coaching.  PTT is ideal for groups that work in highly-competitive environments or market segments.  Special sections on entering new niches (such as luxury or commercial) and competing against national brands.

Pathfinder Specialty Coaching & Mentoring - We do course-specific training on a wide variety of topics for teams, leadership, and agents within the real estate industry.  We also work with Mortgage Lenders and Loan Officers, Home Builders and their Sales Teams, Title & Escrow, Law Firms, and other allied professionals that integrate within real estate. 

We also partner with other high-level coaches on non-real estate issues when we feel that our clients will be best served by another specialty, such as a personal life coach.

Call us to find out how we can help you.

Pathfinder DISC Evaluations offer our unique perspective on how a personal DISC behavioral assessment can be used to up our competitive game, reduce business fatigue, and have more fun.  Our debriefing sessions are proprietary and unlike any other currently offered.  $300 per person, includes a full review and 90-minute debriefing session.

We invite you to apply for a complimentary private consultation to see where you are at and how we can custom craft a program for you.

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