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Pathfinder courses are pre-designed with specific outcomes in mind.  Each course is also designed to be modular in nature; so that it can be connected to other courses to create custom programs for the client.  All of our content is proprietary and most courses can be taught anywhere, including outside (our favorite).  We specialize in creating a workshop feeling for our courses with student interaction in both individual and team formats.  Studies show that this is the most effective learning environment and we want our education to be a great value.  We also utilize a powerful sponsor network to insure that we have the best venues, superior refreshments (it matters), and to keep the cost to students or companies reasonable.  


If you are interested in having us custom-craft a program for your team, in becoming a sponsor, or the cost structure, please give us a call.

Mental Toughness

​Our Mental Toughness course is a 3-hour interactive program that goes into practical techniques for the individual to overcome both expected and unexpected obstacles.  Undertaken in a group, we work though individual challenges as a team format.  We use real world examples from various business industries and athletics, driven home with perspective from actual experiences. We explore not just what to do, but how and why these techniques work and how to build them into habits.  Can also be offered as a half-day workshop and combined with other courses.

This course is a prerequisite to our Dynamic Mind and Teams in Chaos programs.


  • Learn 6 techniques that support a healthy mind under stress.

  • Learn how to create personal and "situational" mantras to keep you on track.

  • Build skills to spot challenges and navigate appropriately.

Teams in Chaos

Pathfinder's Teams in Chaos is a special program that helps teams that are struggling get back on track.  Working on collective course correction, this class offers wisdom from dynamic teams wherein each member has a balance of independence and responsibility.  Also highly effective for those groups that are functioning well but about to undergo massive differentiation or growth, Teams in Chaos offers insurance against the challenges of change.  This course is semi-custom in nature, with elements tailored to the client.  Duration can be from 3 hours to a full day. Call for more information.

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